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in early march, the united states publicly confirmed it would no longer provide military assistance to pakistan, due to concerns over the pakistani military pursuit of the ttp in the region. [20] the decision was finalized the following month, with obama administration officials telling the press that president obamas administration had requested that pakistan halt its military operations in the province. [21]

in the militarys view, the fact that the ttp was engaging in military operations, or even negotiating with the pakistani government, served to reinforce the armys argument that it was being undermined by civilian actors. [22] the ttp is not obligated to accept the government-backed political initiative. [23] the militarys leadership has not ruled out conducting operations as a result of the ttps movement, but has said that it will do so only with the involvement and support of the government. [24] the army has stated that it would not carry out an operation without sufficient political support. [25]

the pakistan army has conducted several north waziristan offensives since 2011, but the most serious occurred in the winter of 2013-14. a limited offensives against the ttp in the november-december period saw the killing of over 40 militants during an assault on a camp in mardan, a city in north waziristan. [26] the offensive in the winter, accompanied by ground troop offensives by the pakistani military and the launch of air strikes, marked a high point in operation zarb-e-azb.

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