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WHM Server Monitor is a simple application that runs in the system tray, aiming to help you monitor the load on a WHM server in real time.
WHM Server Monitor’s system tray icon changes color depending on the load it detects. It comes in handy to any server administrator that uses the Web Host Manager.







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The WHM Server Monitor application shows load and statistics about your WHM server such as the servers CPU load, the number of visitors on the website and a counter for the number of orders.
WHM Server Monitor Features:
– A simple system tray application with real time stats about the server (load, CPU Usage, visitors etc.)
– The WHM Server Monitor loads instantaneously so you don’t need to wait for it to get started.
– Has a simple configuration utility and a help window
– Saves load data that is cleared in the configuration utility
– Can be run standalone
– Works with all WHM and Cpanel versions

Press & Feedback
If you find any issues, errors or have any suggestion about WHM Server Monitor or in general about WHM. You can make comments here or add feedback through the email address on the support page.

Beware of malicious emails
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WHM Server Monitor With Registration Code

Price: Free

License: Free

File Size: 4.2 Mb

Category: System

WHM Server Monitor has the following features:

This is a low resource monitoring application, its use is recommended with light loads to avoid CPU usage.

Operating System:

This application has been built to work on any operating system that supports the wxWidgets library, that is, it has been tested on Windows, Linux and MacOSX.


Pre-Installation steps: The option of a wizard will be present when the installation starts.


The application will be available in English and French.

Server Types:

The application supports several server types, the list includes:




Main features:

The WHM Server Monitor application consists of several modules, the one listed below are the most important ones:

Real Time Unit Load:

It is possible to use this module to monitor the load on a monitored server that is running the WHM Server Monitor application. The output may be sent by a Cron job or a seprate script to a log file or directly into the application, depending on which option is selected in the configuration wizard.
The reason behind it is the low resources used by the module, therefore, its use is recommended with light loads.

An example of a real time unit load setting is:


This will log to the log file an amount of 100% of the real time unit load used by your server and will send it to your system tray application.

Load Tresholds:

It is possible to use this module to monitor the load on a monitored server that is running the WHM Server Monitor application. It consists of three modules, each module has a defined threshold to avoid logging to the system tray.
The thresholds can be very high in order to log to the system tray and can be very low in order to log to the log file (which is the default).
The three modules of the WHM Server Monitor application are:

log: it has two thresholds:

log.log_percent = 90

log.log_count = 5

unit: It has three thresholds:

unit.load.percent = 99.9

unit.load.max = 99

What’s New In?

– System tray icon changes color when load is detected.

– It contains a network interface card as proxy, to allow web requests.Q:

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