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Roblox is a sandbox video game creation platform where players can create their own 3D games, without needing any programming experience, and share them online with players all over the world. Roblox is a free platform. The games are made using Roblox Studio, a game development platform that allows players to be in complete control of their games. Players can play the games they’ve created and share them through

For ages, Roblox has been a developer of content for the educational market, with its sister company CatCow the publisher of educational games and apps. In 2019, the two companies released a compilation of child-friendly games called BabyBlox, which contains 13 games created for children under the age of 6. For kids who already know how to program, Roblox offers a Free and Learn Studio for players 12 and under. The youngest kids can even become a developer with the Roblox Meets Minecraft summer camp.
In May 2015, Roblox announced that it would be partnering with Disney, in order to create a Disney-themed “little kid” “mini-game world” for children 6 and under called Disney Roblox Adventures. It was published by Disney Interactive under its interactive division Disney Interactive Media Group, and featured four mini-games.
How It Works:
Roblox allows you to create a free video game called a “world” that players can play through. In this world, players create their own characters and battle each other or their friends in an endless playfield. Users share games on and gain in-game currency through playing or inviting other players. Players can buy virtual goods from Robux, the game currency.
Roblox has three main game formats (category) that determine the design of the games: exploration, action, and skill. In terms of appeal, there are three genres for players to play in: typical, sandbox, and building. There are four main elements of gameplay that can be developed within Roblox games.

Universe: Players build their own worlds and create an ever-changing gameplay experience by inviting friends into their world.

Games: Players compete with each other for points, collect items, or defend their territory.

Characters: Players create their own unique avatar called an “Inn”, so they can interact with other players, visit the character’s house, and invite other players. Players start with a default Inn and can build on it as they progress


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The “would be interested” is a formality. You have to ask, and if the answer
is yes, you have to play the game.

That font is ugly and I hope it is just the frontpage and not the whole site.

Looks like the their network requests are super heavy. Load time is a scary

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How to get free robux from Robotown

2. Choose dobotrypt on Roblox and confirm your email address.
3. Press Send to send your download link.

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Is this even possible? If not, why?
Why won’t a proper site offer free robux?
So many questions, so few answers…
So I’ve decided to go behind the scenes and take an inside look at some of the scam websites that claim to offer free robux.
***UPDATE*** I’ve created a version that has no links to your account, an is completely anti-tradable, an an output link to the same server where the game itself is hosted. Please give it a try, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

So, as you may have figured out already, robux is the name of the Roblox currency.

A Robux store can be seen here. [Redacted]

In terms of how it works, robux is roughly worth $0.20 USD. In the game itself, there is a exchange that will convert your USD, which you already have, to robux. While this is a very simple way to get robux for free, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Reduced Sales

Since just last week, 1, 4, and 3 more people have reported not being able to do any shopping on their Roblox account. For the most part, I’ve seen that you can’t do much in-game, except chat.

That might be a coincidence or it might not, but we’ll see.

Reduced In-Game Shop Credit

When you first open a Roblox store, you’ll see this screen where you can click “Buy Robux.”

You can see the price here:

Click “BUY”, wait for it to load, and then click “View Details” and wait for it to load again. When it does, you’ll see your robux deposits/credits on the left side.

Although you can purchase free robux at a certain amount, at 0, only 8 robux a day is free. The idea is that the more robux you earn, the more you can shop with. This, though, may be questionable, since the only way to get robux in-game is through shops.

5 to 8 robux per day is worth a great deal on the web. But from what I’ve seen, that’s not much of a deal. 1, 4, and


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