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Johnny Klebitz Johnny is the most famous (or infamous ) member of the Lost. As the main protagonist of the game, Johnny teaches the player the ins and outs of Liberty City. His bike is an Enfield (a clone of the M14 ) and his weapon is the Smith & Wesson. He also follows in the footsteps of the first Lost, Billy, and has become a Kingpin as well. Johnny gets into many situations as he is a good friend of the Angels of Death, and becomes involved with the Lost Mafia. Towards the end of the game, he finds himself set up by the Mafia, who, upon capture, brutally beat him and force him into working with the Mafia. It is decided that he will face one final test of his loyalty and accept the Mafia or go to jail. If he accepts, he is set free, but if he refuses, he goes to prison instead. Johnny accepts, and later kills the Mafia boss who had him tortured. However, the Mafia’s boss, Don Boss, had him killed by his best friend because he was replacing the leader. This causes the Lost to lose a member, and in fact, since Johnny was the one who introduced the mobsters to the Angels of Death, the mobsters form an uneasy truce with them. However, Johnny eventually does reclaim his title as kingpin. When he does, his reign is one of peace. He turns the Lost into a legitimate motorcycle club that is responsible for maintaining order in Liberty City. He even replaces the biker clubs in Alderney, with the Rockstar-owned Alderney Freeway that runs through the area. Johnny uses people to put his family back on top.

The Ballad of Gay Tony was released on the PlayStation 3 on November 29, 2008.Gay Tony has been living the good life in Liberty City. This giant flamboyant gay club owner in the heart of Liberty City has built an empire out of rock, glitter and more than a little hard-core. With nightclubs, strip clubs, and fine dining, Tony has made himself the most admired and powerful man in the city. And to keep his power he knows only one way: war. As Luis Lopez, he sets out to take control of a rival nightclub. When his plan fails and his powerful enemies make it clear that they will not rest until he is dead, Luis reluctantly enlists the help of his longtime ally… you. You can take on the role of Luis, Tony’s right-hand man, as you complete missions, live in the world of the game and survive in the most infamous city on the face of the earth.

GTA IV boasts a lot of landmarks, rich history and culture, and even the most hardened criminal may find themselves impressed by its depth. The city is divided into nine districts. The military engages the player in missions that aim to defend San Andreas while ensuring the paramilitary forces have the freedom of movement to move amongst the civilian populace. From a gameplay standpoint, the player is expected to police the streets, defend the territory of San Andreas, and combat various criminal activity that the city is plagued by. As a result, the missions are designed to provide the player with freedom of movement, and the ability to engage in law-enforcement and military tactics. San Fierro is the set for the story and is a very busy city which allows you to fight your way through rich areas of San Andreas. However, due to the high traffic of vehicles which are off-road trucks, and the state of the asphalt, this can be a rather dangerous place to make your way through. Liberty City is home to several of the main storylines in the game. The Club was a criminal organization in the previous GTA games, centered on running illegal businesses in the city and funding their operations by stealing cars and conducting a multitude of other crimes. Gamers can enjoy a variety of missions, including the story missions where the missions require accomplishing certain objectives, playing mini-games, or engaging in side quests. Career criminal missions are given by Liberty City’s NPC VIP clients. The activities that the player can take part in include Activities: Own and Run a Car, Run an Operation, Carjacking, Armed Robbery, Protection, Assassination, and Gambling. To earn extra money, the player can sell weapons and armor, or buy properties. The player can buy properties such as houses, apartments, parking lots, billboards, and billboards. The player can save money to buy more money-making options, such as laundry and vending machines. Players can buy five different types of cars: taxi, sports car, muscle car, cargo truck, and luxury car, each in five different options. The games features eight hundred and sixty-four vehicles of different types for use by the player. Some of the vehicles in the game can be customized with certain modifications, including paint jobs and hood/hood ornament. The player can also drive modified cars, which can be created by car converters at vehicle shacks. 5ec8ef588b

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