If you asked me whether Im for privatization, Id say yes, immediately. But if you pointed to any actual case of privatization that has happened, Im almost certainly against it, because privatization, like everything in government, is pretty much always done in an anti-capitalist way. Soviet privatization, in which state assets were sold for peanuts to politically-connected individuals while leaving much of the anti-competition law in place for everyone else, is the perfect example. Us free-market people have a bad tendency of completely ignoring our principles when the right buzzwords are used to describe the shit we normally decry.

No, Cryto isnt the result of a totalitarian government. It has nothing to do with the State, but rather a private company that is trying to use cryptography to provide users with an anonymous internet experience. They have systems in place where a user will use crypto to associate themselves and data with a preexisting key so that they can be identified while remaining anonymous. It also includes a reputation system that allows users to report each other if they think they are rude. So for example, they will have a user talk to another user in a chat room and it will be saved and used for your next connection to the server. If this user turns out to be a jerk, then they will get a lower score and less anonymity and vice versa. There are two major downsides to this though. The first is that this is highly unlikely to help against the loss of privacy as it will be widely adopted and incorporated into the programs of individuals and businesses. Secondly, it is hard to differentiate between what is real and what is not. You can get a ton of false negatives and negatives if something is reported wrongly or you can get a ton of false positives and positives if you are not careful. So its up to the users to judge. Many people find it very unlikely that anything negative will be reported and they enjoy the free anonymity while not taking anything away from their own privacy. Many, however, do not like that they get yelled at if they offend someone with something on the internet. That is an inability of the encryption system to solve the issue of judgment. While theres no real alternatives to the crypto, there are places where you can report such bad behavior that it will be taken seriously.

While I am interested in the issue of how to, or even whether to, regulate the things your employer can (or cannot) do on the job, I think this is not the same thing. And if we can have regulations on hair braiding then why not on political speeches and campaign organizations? Or private property? If the Right is for libertarian or the Left is for bigger government then someone is manipulating words. So then it gets sort of weird. Take, for example, the government shutdown: When it was happening it was presented by the Right as a liberal attempt to close down the government. But once it was over, its been presented by the Right as an attempt by the liberal congress to force a conservative President to shut down the government. This doesnt make any sense. The Right has successfully manipulated enough people into thinking that there is a war on the economy, a war on the middle class, a war on Christianity, a war on free speech etc. to get all kinds of conservative policies passed. That these happen to be the same kind of policies that the Democratic congress wants to pass is, in their minds, irrelevant. I understand I don’t have to sell the cheat and don’t really want to. I want a petition to take it to Valve, because its games like Dota2 where this kind of exploit can lead to a blue screen crash, also some editing tools such as this can be useful to people, after all, even in a development tool such as unity you can get stuck in an infinite loop for a 2 seconds due to the game engine crashing for some internal reason. UPDATE: 12/22/17 – It’s been over a year since I wrote this post. Since writing this post, I’ve had a lot of time to think about this and other practical ways to control the people. In addition to the changes I’ve mentioned here, it now has a section on how to set up automatic donation at intervals, and I’ve started accepting donations which goes towards other people who share my values. If you want to support me, head over here:]]> The Local Business Needs, 11 Oct 2017 19:07:04 +0000 spend a good portion of my days as a web developer working remotely as a freelance developer. Over the last decade working from home has become a nearly expected part of remote web development, and as such, remote work, by its very nature, is causing problems for more and more people. The majority of my fellow freelancers on oDesk are individuals or small businesses – micro businesses – and these are the people that I usually talk with on IRC and Discord, the core of what I do. I have a friend who owns an Applebee’s franchise. When I ask him how his business is going, he tells me that he has a “local” problem with some of his locations. Applebee’s is a fairly well-known brand, and the problem I hear is that customers are telling him that they’re not coming back to his restaurant, because they don’t feel like they “get a good deal” when they use their credit card there. Why is it a problem for him? Every day he has a certain number of customers who pay for their food with their credit card, and the restaurant has very limited locations. Applebee’s has the authority to sell food to customers by credit card – and he has – but does that mean that the company is going to get the best deal for him? I didn’t expect to see a question like this, so my first instinct is “of course”, and my second is “dumb question”. The data being presented to him is more likely to be related to the venue than to the brand itself, right? Pardon me while I check to see if Applebee’s is doing something about that particular problem. Let’s take a deeper look at what is happening here. 5ec8ef588b

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