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Download Free Robux Loto Mod Apk For PC

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how to select a class with jquery within a loop

I have a list of items that are each assigned an id. At the top of the page I have a class called selected. My plan is to run a loop (done in another function), which will then add that id to a variable. Then I want to use jquery to add a class to the item with the id I have stored.
My function is as follows:
var myList = {};
$.each(data.contacts, function(index, item) {
myList[] =;

Then I run my function with the following code:
$(“.selected”).each(function(index, item) {

The idea being that I would have a list of items that would all have a class called selected, then inside this loop I could add the id to a variable and then add a class for that item.
The problem is that no console.log seems to run. I know the problem is with the loop, however I’m not sure how to fix it.


myList[] =;

var myList = {};

$.each(data.contacts, function(index, item) {


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The craze to play Roblox games has increased and they are also very addictive. Roblox games do not just have only games. Some of them also have activities which allow children and adults to learn new things.

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The students learn things better and practice their skill sets and vocabulary. Roblox games also help a lot in improving one’s literacy skill sets. They learn how to form sentences using grammar. The game also teaches the students about colors and figures.

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Playing with fellow children who live in a different neighborhood


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It is the most reliable version of Roblox for mobile, PC, Mac, Linux. So to gain Unlimited Robux, Money, Gold, or Silver Cheats, Modded or Unmodded, with Built-in Tutorials, Maps and Skill Stims, you simply need to open this APK and install it. You can buy any items by using these to purchase Robux, Money, Gold or Silver. After Installing, These Robux, Money, Gold or Silver will be added automatically to your account. I have Updated this Mod APK with tons of Changes and Updates, Have Fun with it!***How it works with UI*** Some Features will require you to open settings to Modify. Settings Below:

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5). [★★★★] You will see as like the below screenshot. [★★★★] You will see as like the below screenshot.

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