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Enter a new dimension of online play, with Roblox. Browse games, programs, virtual items, and experiences created by players just like you. Create your own games and experiences using a dynamic language built for gaming: Lua. Discover your next favorite game and join a growing community of players on Roblox.
Go anywhere, do anything – from games, virtual worlds, and adventures to social networks, music, and casual create-anything tools. Share your creations anytime and on any device with the world. Your imagination is the limit.
Experience what you love. Roblox gives you total control over your game or experience.
Roblox Key Features:
– Play games, create programs, make adventures, and much more – right in your browser, on any device, at any time
– Roblox is built on open technologies, giving every developer the tools they need to create games, apps, experiences, and social networks
– Roblox games are created using the same, easy-to-learn technologies used by millions of people around the world
– Roblox connects you to a community of creators to help you learn, share, and play the way you want
– Roblox features an intuitive, streamlined experience, making your time on the site fun and rewarding
Languages Used:
– Roblox was initially designed to be integrated with Flash, the most popular web animation language used by game developers. In 2008, Roblox switched to HTML5, providing the fastest, most customizable player experience. Today, Roblox games are also designed using a variety of third-party technologies, including Unity, Cocos2D, Unreal Engine, and Adobe Flash.
Application Type:
Web App
GNU General Public License v3.0

WorldCraft is a free and open-source 3D MMORPG. As of January 2020 it has registered more than 350,000 accounts, and more than 30,000 active players as of February 2020. WorldCraft is a free fantasy world that allows players to create their own world, navigate the multiverse, and participate in wars. The game has a large amount of content, with hundreds of NPC characters and three game universes that contain thousands of quests and dungeons. There are also a significant number of microtransactions for in-game currency.
WorldCraft was originally developed by Vyrk in 2005 for his home computer. After he began developing the server in 2007, he transferred it to Google Code in 2008.


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is this thing at least patched? i have never seen anything like this. This game has the same problem as the Snap dragon- how does a game that’s nearly three years old have cheats? if you want cheats for this game stop by the actual game- nobody is really cheating. ?

I use CSS and HTML/JavaScript in a high-concurrency environment and need to use a third party library for that.

Is there a way to use chrome storage API in web worker?

Can I use ternjs in web worker?

What is the fastest way to use json?

Have you used replace() and substring() as util functions and ternjs before?

I’ve been trying to use Google App Engine for couple of years. But it is really difficult to set up production environment. Besides this, development with GAE is not fun.

I remember that yesterday I wrote AngularJS + NodeJS + Sass + Express + Mongodb and REST style backend for Twitter. After that I found that production environment is super easy and I can start my project with 3 clicks.

Before of that, I always need to set up GAE for each projects. But after seeing GAE’s great user interface, I stop using GAE and start using custom production environment by authoring new backend API application. This tip is useful for beginners who want to setup custom environment for this purposes.

I’ve been reading about Sass and NodeJS integration but don’t know where to start. I’ve been reading this article:

This article has a great knowledge about NodeJS + Sass + Sass + Express + GruntJS integration. However, I’m confused about how to run the example code. (Step 9-13).

This article consists of example code and I want to run the example code on my own. When I run the code in terminal with grunt serve, I get an error.

sass> MyApp.configure do

sass/app.sass:15: Invalid CSS after ‘@import’: ‘media-query’ {
sass/app.sass:16: Invalid CSS after ‘@import’: ‘media-query’ {


What’s new:


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