D Link Dsl 2750u Firmware [EXCLUSIVE] 🧤

D Link Dsl 2750u Firmware [EXCLUSIVE] 🧤


D Link Dsl 2750u Firmware

now, you may be wondering that “how did i got all this information”
to tell you the truth i don’t really know how to hack the firmware, i just got some information from the web, and i just started to play with it.

i was able to decompile the firmware and get the source code. however i did not really understand the file structure so i just played around with the source code to get the following information:
basically i got the following info:
– the file name “d-link_image_for_2750u”
– the manufacturer name “d-link”
– the current firmware version “1.0.3”
– the hardware revision “t1”
– the (fake) mac address of the router
– the ip address of the router
– the boot file name “boot.rom”
– the actual firmware version of the router
– the source code of the router
– the date & time in which the firmware was made
– the date & time in which the firmware was compiled (i.e the date & time when the decompilation process started)

i have now installed openwrt on the router. i have not really changed anything with the source code, just recompiled it using the source code and saved the firmware to the microsd card. i have not flashed anything to the router yet, so i can only connect to the router using a wired connection and use the web interface to change the configurations. i will try to get the wps password to change the admin password. i have also set the ssid for the router to open. i have also installed the minissid app for android which i can connect to the router and change the ssid from there. i have also flashed the latest firmware on the router. i will post the firmware in the next post once i have installed all the necessary patches and configurations that i have to do on the router.

the firmware update can be downloaded through the d-link website. you will have to fill in your email address and router’s system information. you will receive the download link for the firmware for your router.
after logging into the router, you will have to download the latest firmware from the router manufacturer’s website. you will have to use a third-party tool to download and update the firmware. most of the manufacturers do not provide any tool to update the firmware.
i would like to have an option to replace my dlink dsl 2750u firmware to the latest version, the firmware version 2.90 that is. i can not find any information on how to do this. i have downloaded the latest firmware version but i do not know what to do next.
we now have the firmware. for demonstration purposes we are using the d-link dsl-2750u router. so let us move on to the firmware that we have.- while loading the firmware select flash option.- now you have to select the dhcp option. for the sake of demonstration we are using the d-link dsl-2750u router. remember that this is only for demonstration purposes. so make sure you have a backup of the firmware you want to test.- now you have to select file option. now we are ready to get started.- we have reached the file menu. the first option is firmware upgrade. this option upgrades the firmware stored in the flash memory of the router.- now you have to select upgrade option.- once you have selected the option you will be prompted to select the firmware you want to upgrade. in this case we are upgrading firmware for d-link dsl-2750u router.- select upgrade option.- select the firmware version you want to upgrade and hit upgrade button.- now your router will reboot, wait for few minutes, if the router is still working you can try to access the router interface by typing the ip address you assigned to the router as 192.168.1. if you are able to access the router interface then you are done.


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