Company Of Heroes 2 – The Western Front Armies Full Version Free __FULL__

Company Of Heroes 2 – The Western Front Armies Full Version Free __FULL__

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Company Of Heroes 2 – The Western Front Armies Full Version Free

you dont just get the usual variety of infantry, cavalry and artillery. you get leader units as well. company of heroes 2: the western front armies is a bit more strategic in nature than the original coh2, with a proper leader hierarchy. a commander is like a general in that you can order units to move or attack, and they take their own orders. a commander also gains experience and unlocks levels as the game progresses, which is nice, because they can be promoted to higher-level units. the overall game is still very easy and accessible, but theres a bit more to it than just running over enemies with tanks.

each map is focused on a specific map type. this includes large maps that can support up to twenty-five players, as well as smaller ones that are meant for two or four-player games. there are also a number of new maps to play, including one that features a mongol theme. the new maps generally feel quite different from the original coh2, but that doesnt mean that theyre unplayable. this is a very good thing, as i was a little worried that some of the original maps would feel out of place. the new map designs are varied enough that every one of them feels fresh, and theyre all quite well-done. if you like coh2, you should check out company of heroes 2: the western front armies.

company of heroes 2: the western front armies is a solid skirmish game and a solid standalone multiplayer offering. its much-needed balance makes thesebattles far more engaging than their original counterparts, and the addition of the germanys forces brings a new dynamic to the table. the standalone package isnt perfect; its prices is high, and it features an army thats not nearly as strong as its predecessor. still, this is a solid and worthwhile package for anyone who has been holding off on company of heroes and really needs to get into multiplayer. theres just something about the western front armies that makes it stand out as a must buy.

battle of saipan is a huge map, but its also the best representation of what a large scale company of heroes battle should feel like. huge, sprawling maps with plenty of natural defenses and artillery, but plenty of room to maneuver and lots of interesting sites that give each side its own unique feel. even better, these maps are large enough to really feel like a war, with the shells exploding right on the battlefield, and the huge, slow-moving tanks and trucks are always a threat.
what makes these maps so memorable is their contrast to the more tightly designed maps of a coh2 campaign. on the campaign maps, the basic land area is important, and the placement of garrisons and strategic buildings is nearly as important as the buildings themselves. in western front armies, that basic land area is a joke; the maps are massive, and its easy to go from north to south or east to west with a few turns. buildings are incredibly varied, and some, like the airborne guns, are literally floating in mid air, making it easy to destroy them with just a few well placed artillery strikes. so its no wonder that most games on the server are here, and the maps are much easier to capture and hold with just a handful of troops.
the biggest benefit of the new map design is that it provides great opportunities for counter-sniping. whereas a small map might make it difficult to accurately position artillery so that it reaches all of the map, the smaller maps of the western front armies campaign mean that it is easy to pick out key spots on the map, and many of the maps here are good enough that it isnt difficult to accurately aim a barrage of rockets or artillery shells. in the past, that kind of accuracy would have been nigh impossible, but these maps allow for it with ease.

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