Codebreaker 101 Patched Elf [REPACK]


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Codebreaker 101 Patched Elf

the jewels of humanity code is nearly as old as the tekken system, and its presence in an early version has been documented here before. the jewels of humanity stuff is in the tools menu, in the shears menu. it currently only provides attack stacks, character stacks, and character movement. its the first release that allows you to see the attacks and the sources of how many of each attacks are saved in that stack.

as before, i had to unpack the code to get the information. as i said in my very first shear post, unpacking code is a pain. once it is unarchived, you can mouse over any button to see the source line. i had to get resources from jewels of humanity, including the wiselib parser which can be a pain to get in some cases, since there are so many of them.

below are some of the cheat codes. if you have more questions, please be sure to ask below. the game seems to be the same no matter which version you run. im also not certain which version is related to the pal bug.

you can also use gopher. i would like to think this is some sort of gopher worm but i have no idea if thats the case or not. only time will tell. anyways, gopher is pretty much the same thing but instead of generating random codes, you can input your own as with urls. the game will render the code or url automatically. of course, it may be different to use that and the cheat codes.

the goal 3 box is not on htb. the alternative is to use the system diagnostic tool, which is in the live cd. for live cd images, you can get a terminal server client that logs into system services. once youve logged in, you can use sysrq to reboot the box. theres some information on that as well.

this step just allows me to build the exploit as it couldnt really be called using the same exploit previously. i only had time to look at three exploits in horizonatll. the best of the three was the windows host. i tried all the methods listed in this article to get a minimum sized payload. i also converted the archive to a native. since its on windows, ive been able to proceed with a single stage for this box. when i was limited to payload size, i couldnt use the same exploit i was using on the linux host so ill have to retest on that. in beyond root, ill use the windows host to shell out as the owasp webmaster. i use the kerberos deserialization attack to get a kerberized shell. im looking for a subdomain and host suffix that would allow me to steal kerbos. this isnt an easy challenge, but im convinced i have succeeded here. ive gotten a shell in a custom 401 page that gives me an admin user and a subdomain. i can now use that user to access the live server. for the win, ill use a file upload exploit to get a local root shell in the server. from there i can crack the keys in the deposit box, and get inside the masterkey. in horizonatll, i start by using the owasp webmaster account to connect to the training mailing list. i use a mailto url to get a browser, and i can follow this through the exploit. i can leak out the password to a subdomain, and use that access to get into the webmail from the live server. from there i can dump the keys, and build this into the masterkey exploit for the other boxes. ill go into how to buffer overflow a web server with a publicly accessible simple html webpage. then ill go into how to allow html frames in clip art images, which allows a remote code execution. then i look at ui exploitation for laravel to expose some sort of vulnerability. i find a couple of possible flaws and then ill come back to those a bit later. 5ec8ef588b

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