Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Eboot Cfw 3.55 Ps3 [Extra Quality]

Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Eboot Cfw 3.55 Ps3 [Extra Quality]

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Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Eboot Cfw 3.55 Ps3

Developer Infinity Ward paid a big financial commitment to revolutionize the first-person-shooter, and the results are generally thought to be pretty good. Although the shooting shares a lot of ground with the new wave of titles, this game and subsequent incarnations of it still show themselves to be innovative — and play well. Unfortunately, there is just one drawback to those innovations: they make Modern Warfare not really that fun. It is tough to just get ready for a game that seems like most people are playing on the Olympics of shooting games, because you have to learn all over again how to control the twitch and velocity of a weapons powerful assault rifle. This does not give you the chance to perfect a comfort zone with a weapon, so that you can more gently start firing your way through a game.

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1. Rename PS3_Game folder of retail disc [BCES01123] into NPEA90127, 2. Move the [eboot.bin] from it then paste it in [NPEA90127] folder. Save, 3. Edit PARAM.SFO of [NPEA90127] and change Category from DG Disc Game (blu-ray) to HG Harddrive Game and Save, 4. Copy [NPEA90127] to your PS3, play the game, and press [R] button while the game is loading to access the custom menu. Choose the options you want, then save and overwrite. Done. 5. Restart your PS3, go to the XMB, and click the Y button on [FHD_35], 6. The US version of the game will be moved into [USRDIR] in [YOUR_PS3_NAME] and [BUGRDIR] for each language you’ve changed into English. 7. With the CFW2OFW tool, use Injection method and the following: *Launch the game before it has finished loading. When the main menu is about to appear, press [X], [Y] and [Triangle] (Left button) buttons to choose the language. *Select the language that you want to change. It will show up in the second to last step. *Click the left Analog [X], [Y] and [Triangle] (Left button) buttons to choose the main menu language. Select the option that you want. *Choose [MANUAL] to modify INJECTION.SFO manually and modify the options to choose the language you want. *Save the file and overwrite. 7. For HAN: Move all directories into /HOOK/, run [do.bat] and install on HAN with [Enable Debug Packages]. Done.
This game takes place after the events of Modern Warfare 2. This time, the game follows a squad of elite forces, working with a team of covert operatives, as they infiltrate and take out a high-level terrorist group. The game features more single player campaign content than any previous Call of Duty game. When the game was released, players described it as gritty, realistic and gritty. Critics thought that it was the best Call of Duty game yet, which resulted in strong first-week sales (along with Modern Warfare 2). The game has received a large amount of media attention for its realistic depiction of war. Some reviewers thought it was the best shooter game of 2008, while others have compared it to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.

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