Arshi Ff Forcibly Yours Part 15 Facebook |VERIFIED|

Arshi Ff Forcibly Yours Part 15 Facebook |VERIFIED|


Arshi Ff Forcibly Yours Part 15 Facebook

khushi stirred him again. why was she in his head, it was not her time. he was in the middle of a serious case, he needed to focus. she was like this, all the time, and it was exactly what he was trying to avoid. he was not sure if he would ever be able to prevent her from being in his head, and certainly that had never been an issue earlier in their relationship. he wondered if this was the result of the pregnancy. he really did not want to open that can of worms, he knew it was there. their sex life was not as mind blowing as it used to be, he could detect it for himself. she used to make him feel like he was turning into a cyborg. no longer did he feel like he was a human being, but a dead human, insensate and malfunctioning. was this what was affecting their relationship? he certainly hoped that the medicine was working.

her voice sounded different. eerier. she had a raspy tone in her voice that only registered in his head. she looked a little pale, and he wondered if it was due to the medicine. he had said that from the beginning. he had never said it was the pregnancy. he said he had said that from the beginning because he needed her to say it as well. he had a few seconds when he was sure that was her doing. not knowing did not suit him. he wanted to know what was troubling her and he wanted to know right now. but it stopped, he could not take the chance. he needed to complete his current case, the one that required him to focus. all he wanted was to think about what had happened and not about what had not yet happened. was it really true that he had almost cheated on his first love? no, he told himself. he was thinking about the worst case scenario, but what if he could not stop thinking about it? where would that lead him? he did not like to think about that. so he would not think about it. this was his last case as a detective, and he did not want to make any more blunders.

he thrust in and out, khushi moaned as he filled her, her hands clutching his shoulders, pushing her chest into him, digging her nails in to his skin. she made noises of approval, moaning his name and bringing her body against his. her eyes closed and she relaxed into his hands, her breath coming harder. he slipped a finger inside of her as he drove in and out of her. she loved what he was doing to her, loved the fact that she had his dark manhood inside of her, and she liked it so much. khushi felt a small spot of discomfort, arnav was really big. but when he entered her he wouldnt be able to get out. her breasts were sensitive and the he was too heavy for her as the pressure of his pelvic bones strained her tender flesh. but he was pleasuring her, the way she wanted. she wasnt sure if she loved him, and even if she did she was also guilty. but he felt it, her love, as he knew she wasnt feeling the same about him as he was about her. she was his dark manhood, and he was hers. as it just turned very late for me, i don’t know why i haven’t done it earlier. i’m deeply, honestly and really very sorry about it. i have no excuse for making mistakes which usually i make. but never ever i would have to say that i’m really very sorry for these mistakes i have made. i am very sorry for the disrespect i have done and hereby i want to say that i am ready to do whatever you want me to do in order to make a good and correct image of my profile in your eyes. and i promise that i will do that. anyways, i was looking forward to you and i wish that i will see you very soon. i love you and i’m waiting for you very eagerly. 5ec8ef588b

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