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Ap Tuner 3.08 Serial Number

collings ukuleles have a hand-written serial number on the label inside the body. the table below lists serial number ranges issued into production by year. serial numbers are assigned at the beginning of the build process, so some ukuleles would have been completed and shipped in subsequent year(s). most ukuleles spend 3-6 months in production, but build time can vary from instrument to instrument.

the varitone tailpiece distinguished by a small hole at the bottom intended to accommodate an allen wrench appeared around 1937 (see serial number 94390, which was shipped in 1937) and this style of tailpiece continued to be fitted through the 1930s and into the early 40s. all of the premier l-5s we have encountered have been equipped with this style of tailpiece.

have you ever wanted to make a sweep of your vehicle’s performance? with the hcd, you can now! just download the free hcd software, enter your customer’s serial number and then run the program. after entering the desired air filter serial number, hcd will run the desired scan and generate a report of the results. you can then save the file or send it to your customer with your customer’s serial number.

the calibration procedure is easy to perform. to begin, download the free hcd software to your computer and install it. next, connect the instrument cable to the ecu and enter the desired air filter serial number. hcd will then begin the calibration and the program will update the air filter calibration file. when the calibration is completed, the program will generate a report that can be saved or sent to your customer with their air filter serial number.

you can use the ap tuner to check the impedance of your strings. if you select the string that are wound around your guitar, you can view the impedance on the ap tuner. with the ap tuner you can also listen to what the strings are doing as you strum the strings. you can also choose to have the ap tuner run in real time as you strum the strings. these are some of the features of the ap tuner.
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tho serial numbers are unique (and in most cases will change when changing tuners), the headstock label might be identical to that of a previous headstock serial number (most probably a factory error). do not believe the serial number on the headstock to be the real serial number, as this is often not the case.
manufacture years may be a combination of the production year and the production month. for instance, serial number a1b1c1 (a is the year, 1 is the month, b is the production month and c is the production year) would indicate the year a was produced, the month 1 of that year and the year b was produced.


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