Activex Data Objects 6.0 Library Download [BETTER]

Activex Data Objects 6.0 Library Download [BETTER]


Activex Data Objects 6.0 Library Download

i have a requirement to join 2 tables from different databases. is it possible to open and use a recordset in a second connection in excel vba. i am a little confused as to what i need to do to get the data into the second recordset. i am fairly new to the vba programming language, could somebody please help me?

also, could somebody help me with the syntax for the join statement that i would need to use in order to connect to the 2 databases. i have looked at some examples online and tried to implement this but keep getting the following error:
“method ‘open’ of object ‘recordset’ failed

hey, i’m having some trouble trying to use a recordset from a different database in excel vba. my first problem is that the open/close method of the recordset is not working. i’ve tried a few examples i’ve seen online, but keep getting the following error:
“method ‘open’ of object ‘recordset’ failed
the example code i’ve been trying to use is:
set rs = new recordset

to connect to a database, you first need to set the connection and then specify the database to which you wish to connect. when you connect, the database and table or query to which you have connected is identified by the name of the database or table you have specified. you can either select from a list of databases or browse through the system to search for a database you want to connect to. when you have found the database you want to connect to, you can use the link to it to connect. you can connect to two databases by specifying two different connection strings. for example, you could connect to two databases in different databases by specifying one connection string with two different database names.

thanks for all that! very interesting. yesterday, after reading thefeedback and before reading your current post i switched frommicrosoft activex data objects 2.1 library to microsoft activex dataobjects 2.5 library, which struck me as a happy medium. i’m notplanning on releasing the app for w2k because i want to again useregistration-free com with a manifest file. so this will mean xp
i have a need to convert a spreadsheet file into a word document. i have been using ole/com to make this job easier. i have been working on a batch process that will take this spreadsheet and convert it to a word document. i would like to know if there is a way to do this with microsoft activex data objects 6.0. i would like to know if this product can be used with office 2000, xp and office 2003. is there a way to do this or should i just code a batch file to do this? thanks, eric
question: how can i get the data from oracle database, currently i use sql developer to query and store the result in excel and process it later, but since the number of individual sqls increased im looking for something like this and if you can help me in this regard, it would be great.
ok, i have some problems with getting data in the recordset. i have successfully opened the recordset in a second connection, but can’t get the data to be included in the second recordset. the result is that when i open the second recordset it is empty. i get the following error message: “an unhandled exception of type ‘system.invalidoperationexception’ occurred in additional information: invalid operation code: 0 source: i have tried to open the recordset, but am not allowed to use the recordset in more than one connection. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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