I want to get the content of that text file. I have used this answer but it does not work for me. And that answer does not work for me either. Why is that?


If you would like to work with files, the easiest way is to store the files in a single folder and then, using batch (or bat) script, get content of that file and put the content into the variable.
@echo off

set “txt1=test.txt”
for /f “delims=” %%a in (‘dir /b /a-d “c:\temp\%txt1%”‘) do (
echo %%a

When the above code is run, it should give the following output:
c:\temp\test.txt (file2.txt)
c:\temp\test.txt (file3.txt)

Memoir On The Music City: Nashville Rising

“The city is changing,” music writer and broadcaster Chris Dorman says about Nashville. Chris, who grew up here in the 80s and 90s, now lives in London, England, where he works as a journalist and broadcaster. He has written his first book, about Nashville, which is available from on from 31 January 2016. We spoke to Chris about the many layers of Nashville’s heart, and his first impressions of the city, back in the 80s.

So how did you get into music and journalism?

I was at a time when country music was still going strong. I’d been playing piano in a band since I was 12, I was always writing lyrics for the band I was in. I had a newspaper job in Northern Ireland and I remember getting a call from the paper saying “We want you to go to Nashville for three weeks and take photographs for the paper, so you can get a feel for the music business.” I was pretty naïve at the time, I went there and it went from there.

I felt like I was walking in on an ancient civilisation. The people seemed so different to any population I’d seen before. It was a very isolated and slightly mysterious place.

At that time the country music scene was so in-crowdy and close-knit. It wasn’t until I moved to the UK and worked for the

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