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Shu Kutha Bolaycha Nahi Marathi Natak

vandana gupte is a marathi stage actress who has also performed television and film roles. she has won several awards for her performance on stage, television and films, she is also active in the field of acting. in marathi film murder mestri, she has played a prominent role.

she is best known for her role in the teleserials kareena kareena on zee tv and for playing the character of nilambari pandey in the serial chachi in 2002. she also appeared in television shows such as manpan, mukhya and tamne wali thamanwali. she has also appeared in several marathi movies such as the murder mestri, cinemahaathi pachhati, bharat ane desh kyon, dramandkhel, matichya chuli, aat and meerabai not out. she has taken a break from acting after playing the character of dancer in the film chi chisise ashi hoti in 2006.

she acted in a marathi film murder mestri (2010). she acted in the film chi chisise ashi hoti (2006). she acted in the film mukhya (2006). she acted in the marathi films dramandkhel (2003), matichya chuli (2004) and chaar chaughi (2005). she appeared in the marathi movies aat (2007) and sattva go raksha (2008). she appeared in the marathi movie bharat ane desh kyon (2002). she appeared in the marathi movie the murder mestri (2010).

vandana is the daughter of manik varma, a popular marathi singer. she has appeared in films such as bharat ane desh kyon and the other end of the line. she has also been active on television since her childhood.
in marathi film murder mestri, she has played the character of parimal kulkarni.

speaking of her early days as an actress, vandana gupte says, “i wasn’t able to focus on studies. i did my home work and only went to school during daytime. however, it was a terrific learning experience for me. i would wake up very early in the morning. i would take the train from kurla to ghatkopar and get down at khar. i would go home and prepare for the play. i would then come back to my grandmother’s home. i’d take the train again from khar to kurla and get down at dadar. my grandmother would give me a book, and i’d do my homework. it was a very disciplined life. in the evening, i would go to the play.” when asked about her experience with acting, she said, “i have had very little training but have learned a lot during the process. when i started doing theatre, my grandmother used to give me some books and practice with me. i would do my homework at the same time. this made me learn the marathi language very well.” her first film role was in the 1994 marathi movie chakna chalo. she played the role of madhavi ahir. vandana gupte has won several awards and recognitions for her performance in theatre and marathi films. in 2004, she played the lead role of chintamani in chaar chaughi. the film was directed by anupam kher and produced by emraan khan. she won the best female supporting actress award at the 2005 zee cine awards.
shree tashi sau is a popular stage show that she has performed in over a dozen times over the last two decades. her first film as an actress was in the marathi film lapandav in 1993. since then, she has acted in several marathi movies including murder mestri, chandralekha and sarhadaa. she is also known for her role in the popular tv sitcom, kareena kareena as the title character, nilambari pandey.

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