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Peggy May Oliver (July 26, 1890 – June 19, 1984), an American nurse who worked with the Red Cross during World War I, won a Congressional Gold Medal for her work in the Western Front.

Early life
She was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She later attended the Mary Institute and University of Missouri. She was a nurse in the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918. She became active in the US Red Cross in the St. Louis chapter after the pandemic.

World War I
In World War I, Oliver worked in France, Belgium and Alsace with Army and Navy Nurse Corpses. She was decorated for “outstanding service” as a “New York Representative of the American Red Cross Society of France,” and for “outstanding service” as a “Representative of the American Red Cross Society of the United States.”

Later life
Her war work was part of her life after her World War I service. She worked in Honduras, India, and Peru.


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The first auto killing robot was developed in Mexico in 2008.

We are living in the “Dark” timeline of science fiction, with the conflict between man and machine.

Every year, millions of people die as a result of accidents and diseases. And in some cases, it is the size of the land that is the cause of the death.

In 2012, Russia’s largest construction company has developed a bulldozer that without human intervention, can clear land and build roads. ‘By 2017, the machine had completed more than 30 road projects and a year later, in 2018, it was launched, connected with remote control, the first roadside clearing work.

In the dark, if man is about to hurt his own ego, he will take care of it, but sometimes it is not so. Auto killing robots are the last line of defense.

They are usually directed at humans, cars

The world-renowned fighter franchise returns, more powerful than ever before, with a gorgeous, modernized 3D experience and all the features you’ve come to expect from Mega Man!Q:

Is it possible for a car to roll down a slope on its own without being in a front wheel drive vehicle?

I was curious to know if it is possible for a car to roll downhill, or if it is the front wheel drive or rear wheel drive that would make it an event.
I had an experience once where I was driving up a small hill in my Honda civic, and as the car was climbing the hill the car started moving backwards and i had to step on the brakes to stop the car from rolling back into the road. I didn’t see anyone else driving the road at the time. I was worried if it was a defect in the car. In the end the car was not damaged, but it kind of bugged me that this could have happened.
A friend mentioned that it is possible to roll cars backwards on slopes without being in a front or rear wheel drive car. Is this true? And if so, are there any descriptions of exactly how it happens.


I’ve never seen anything like this, but I’ve heard stories about this happening. When I was growing up, my Dad would go to work in the morning, and the headlights would be shining off down the hill that he would be driving down from our house. If someone tried to stop his car, it would go backwards.
The mechanism here is that the front wheels are turning faster than the back wheels, so if you turn the wheels in the other direction, you’d put the center of gravity forward and lose traction.
From a quick Google search, I can find no evidence that this has ever been documented in any practical setting, but it’s a hypothesis that might be worth testing.


I did not witness such a thing, but I have read about it. Here is the original article by Sam Streeter: Wikipedia: Sam Streeter
The underlying principle is that the front of the car is “slipping backwards”.
When you are traveling backwards, you are further back then when you are traveling forwards (because the car in front has slowed down). By that, the wheels in the back continue to turn, while the wheels in front move more slowly.
You have to expect that the tire in the front would have less traction, so the car will pull

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