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Maid In Sweden (1971) English Subtitle

as we have seen in countless late 70s and 80s sex comedy films, the very first woman to have sex is almost always the first to discover the depths of her sexuality. this begins with inga, at her first visit to her sister in stockholm, where she meets yet another new man, who is clearly a lot more interested in her than her sister. he also tries to seduce her, and she does her best to keep him at bay by trying to seduce him back. inga is soon distracted by the bodyguard, who is clearly interested in her as well. inga quickly succumbs to temptation, and they decide to have sex, and it turns out to be a most unexpected sexual encounter for the young milkmaid. after that, she never really has time to think much about it, and the sex scenes in the film are undoubtedly some of the best swedish sex scenes of all time.

together with his faithful “butler” charlie elvegard (charlie elvegard) and their straight english friend julian, the young man realizes his dream of having sex with the beautiful inga. she soon succumbs to his advances, and they begin a very passionate sexual adventure together. it is clear that the luscious lindberg has a natural talent for seduction, and she is equally good at maintaining her innocence despite her wild sexual experiences. the sexual encounters in the film are superb, especially those that take place in the basement of the estate, and many of them are shot in a truly erotic manner. the film also shows us a side of sweden’s rich history that is rarely covered in films, as the characters regularly engage in sex, drinking and other everyday activities. for example, the characters drink alcohol, and often get drunk. the scene where the three men go on a drunken party with inga to the dance hall is one of the best scenes in the film. it is true to life, since in reality, the three men would go to the dance hall to meet up with other women who are also looking for men. the way that inga is led into the dance hall by her two friends is incredibly funny, and the other three men are also quite amusingly dressed. inga’s experience in the dance hall is quite an eye-opener, and it turns out that she has a talent for seduction that most men never possess. she makes her conquest of the dance hall by inviting all of the men to take off their coats, and by offering each of them a drink.

thats a good example of a good thing! he does the job i wanted to do! thank you! and i agree, the vo is pretty horrid. they did a good job with the other characters, but never a good job on the main character. i also wonder why they didn’t do a more rounded english voice for the female lead. or at least an american one. for some reason, whenever i hear the english voice for the female lead, it always sounds kinda like she was in a middle eastern country or something. even the swedish actress sounds more american. i know, the subtitles for this film are hideous, and it seems like some people are obsessed with them. i can get it with some asian language films with subtitles that are a bit mangled, but this is a english language film and the subtitles are just awful. its a movie about a swedish girl visiting sweden and having her worldview changed. some of the dialogue is in swedish and the subtitles do their job very well, but other parts are obviously not subtitled. its just really ugly. the only part that i could stomach was the swedish part. the rest of the film was just painful to watch. yes, i was thinking of that. i guess it just depends on what genre you want to see, and if you have a preference for more or less subtitles. i feel like there is a huge difference in the subtitles used for say, a fantasy film versus a sci fi film, or a romantic comedy versus a drama. i feel like the ones used for romance/comedies are a lot more subtle and remove what the film is trying to say in favor of making the film more entertaining. the lack of subtitles on that one scene of the girl in bed with the guy, i dunno, it just felt more erotic and less like a scene, i dunno. i guess it depends on what you want to see. 5ec8ef588b

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