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Roblox is a user-generated online video game platform that enables users to create and play any type of video game by combining pre-designed game objects and game logic in a virtual 3D world. Users can find and download new games created by other users through a user-friendly website. Users earn Robux (a form of Roblox currency) by playing games and can spend them to purchase virtual items that enhance their gaming experience. Roblox is available as a website with a client application for iOS, Android, Firefox, and desktop computers and as a standalone desktop game client. The Roblox platform is often compared to Minecraft, although it offers much more functionality and offers a wider variety of features than Minecraft.
Spencer Kornhaber, a game developer and the founder of Organized Play Games, notes that many of the features in Roblox’s game development toolkit are similar to those in Gamemaker Studio, another game development tool.
While Roblox is most commonly known as a game development platform, it can be used to create many other types of online games.


Downloading and installing the Roblox website is free, with Roblox requiring a payment to become a premium member, a free membership that allows unlimited downloads and free access to the Roblox platform. Roblox features a Robux shop that allows players to spend real world money on virtual items for their games. Robux prices vary based on the item, but typically range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. Robux purchases can be made using Paypal or Amazon Payments, or Roblox accepts donations from both players and non-players. Roblox has on several occasions pulled money from the Robux treasury due to the platforms financial state.
Roblox has different game modes depending on what you want to do. Drag and Drop is a mode in which you get blocks or other things that you can move, reshape and change the properties of such as color, texture, etc. (Blocks are the default things that are in Roblox) Then you can also do an escape mode, where you have to run away from a stucked object and reach a certain point in order to get free, or you can move a thing from the left side to the right side of the playfield. You can also go to level editor. However, when you get to the level editor, the creator lets you do whatever you want, even though you have to pay for the ideas


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Game Basics

Roblox is a multi-player game system that’s meant to be something like Minecraft, but not only does it have similar aspects to Minecraft but it also has its own built in system that is similar to other coding language like java, C++, HTML and even javascript. You can actually build your own massive worlds, meaning the program runs through it and makes it possible to connect to other people. Even though it can do some crazy stuff, there is no single player run time. You can only host it and have it run without a player, but you can run multiple ones to make things a lot more interesting.

The program is already download-able, however, you have to unlock it and set the codes up before you can use it. Some aspects are still locked so there is still a lot for you to learn as you keep exploring. Many people like being able to break their own limits so they can go around it and experience the limitations themselves. The downside, however, is not everyone knows to unlock it and set it up and for many people, that is kind of boring. To learn more, read more here and at

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