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A revolution is being born. A player-driven revolution. Find and create your own immersive experiences in the most innovative game platform ever. Play with friends in real time, on the same screen, or virtually through an online connection. Bring your own games, and your own storyline, to life. The possibilities are endless. Roblox is the world’s first full-featured cross-device, cross-platform game development platform that takes gaming to the next level and beyond.
Play online or locally, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Roblox is the ultimate game streaming service for all ages. Roblox game features include a robust canvas and multimedia libraries, an intuitive interface, real-time collaboration and action for all kinds of games. Roblox is a free service for everyone.


Primary Feature

An online game creation and game platform development system.


Developed as an in-game currency, players are able to use Robux to buy virtual goods and upgrade game elements. The units of Robux are produced by players through in-game transactions. Robux are created based on a system of “Robux Points” (RP). The more RP a user generates, the more Robux a user is able to make. Robux earned by users are converted into RP. Robux can be used to purchase in-game merchandise, premium goods and membership services.

User-Created Content

Users can create their own games and share them with the world. The platform offers 3d mobile game design as well as traditional video game development. Roblox users can code and script games directly in the user interface or use the Roblox Studio Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop and publish to the platform. New game types are added to the Roblox game creation interface in small phases every now and then.
Roblox users can also use the Roblox Studio SDK to develop and publish games for the Roblox website and mobile apps. Roblox continues to support traditional video game development with their own programming language. Users can also mix and match third party SDKs and development tools to bring their content to life with full blown video game projects.


An innovative approach to online game creation.
Roblox gives players full control of their gameplay, editor, and code. Robux is the only virtual currency in gaming that can be earned simply by playing games. Players can earn Robux by simply


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Surveillance free game mode
“The mod adds a free-roam-like high-security-free-roaming area to the map, which is available from the point you leave police outposts and casey amu or franklin ave, as you can purchase Surveillance devices to let you into this area, but it cannot be forced, nor does this surveillance device blocks or add any cameras to areas that are already in place.
In order for a player to access a surveillance area, the player must pay any and all $, which cannot be earned by the player themselves, we cannot yet decide on how to calculate that, currently, we are considering doing something simple such as taking the car theft, robbery or assassination totals from a round and taking on average how much it costs to repair one of those totals and add that to the round total, after player has entered the game, we will add an hour or so to that round timer and allow the player to roam at their own pace.
Not every player has access to this security, depending on the device that they purchased, the devices may be limited to certain locations in the map, such as the numbers above, or one may simply unlock the areas in which they would like to roam around, such as southern san andreas and the selva cartel locations
The Surveillance area is available to players level 15 and above and such as the above video i state that the area of effect is a 250×250 tile, but there is no firm evidence to back this, as the camera locations we have on the


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