German Luger Serial Number Lookup 🚀

German Luger Serial Number Lookup 🚀

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German Luger Serial Number Lookup

The principal design features of the Luger are the multi-grooved “spring-grip” frame with a steel nib and spring grip, the horizontal ejection port above the trigger, the off-set (one side lower than the other), but symmetrical, “keyhole” magazine design, the top-locked action that eliminates the need to cock the hammer manually, a six-groove rifling with a 1:16″ twist rate, and a fixed 3.5″ barrel with a fitted, threaded silencer.[12] The design also features prominent front and rear sights that can be adjusted for windage and elevation. The Luger is best known for the distinctive “slant-top” slide, with a top section that is higher than the bottom section and which swells out when fired. It is the only top-fired semi-automatic pistol, and is commonly known as the “Von Luger”.

Published reviews of the pistol generally praised the design for its balance, accuracy, and reliability. However, fewer than 2,000 Lugers were made during the war, and the tens of thousands of pistols that followed the war produced only 50,000 to 100,000 serial numbers. Several of the early Lugers were poorly constructed and suffered from premature stoppages and jams, some of which were caused by damage to the firing pin.[20] Most of the Lugers produced at the time were carried in cases by soldiers, who could not repair them if they became damaged in action.[20] Another common cause of stoppages was wear on the firing pin’s strike face, also causing hot-weather jams.[20] The price of an M1910 Luger in the 1960s, roughly $300 in the United States, was in line with similar or higher priced foreign-made pistols.[24] The pistol’s all-steel construction, handling and long service life also made it a reliable alternative for the U.S. military.

I have a WWII German Luger (parabellum pistol). I bought it used from a retired 93 year old WWII vet who had carried it for over 30 years in the Korean War. He said it was the gun that saved his life several times. He was wounded and the weapon kept him alive. He told me his first hero was his dad and he learned to shoot when he was ten years old. All it has is a 1911 style frame with a rear grip. the manufacturer is unknown but I have the case and it has an extremely good older olive drab finish on it. It looks like it has never been fired.
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