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What is the “fish” in “fish head”?

From the Wikipedia article on “fish”:

The head of a fish is its snout.

The definition goes on to specify “not the snout of a dog” as an example of the concept. I wonder what is the “fish” in “fish head”?


While the generic meaning of head can refer to most of a body part, fish comes from the Latin fiscus. To a human, the fiscus is a sort of part of the neck that faces backwards or forwards.
In the same way, a fish may be a little kind of fish-like animal, but more specifically the animal of the same name, typically a middle sized or larger saltwater fish.


You can google on the term “fish head” to get several other interpretations. For example, the following from Hard Text Books titled Fish Head and Fish Eyes:

The generic term is fish head, and is defined as “the part of the head in which the eyes are located.” The “fish head” part of the head has often been used as a figurative descriptor for the group as a whole.

Another one, titled Fish Head as a Homo-Aquatic Adaptation:

Fish heads are defined as the skulls of marine vertebrates, and typically have a prominent forehead and nasal openings. They are regarded as an evolutionary adaptation as most marine vertebrates have heads that are more streamlined than their terrestrial counterparts.

Another one titled Fish Heads (And Other Animal Heads):

The metaphor of the fish head is used in the English language to refer to the human head as a whole, with the possible exception of the “big toe head” of the human foot. It is also used in the English language in the singular as an idiom referring to a person with a strong or dominant personality.

And another one titled Fish Head as a Nautical Term:

Nautical term meaning “the bow or stern of a ship.”

As you can see, the term also has other meanings beside referring to the human head. The actual meaning of “fish�


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To describe the clinical presentation, diagnosis, management, and outcome of acute rotavirus-associated conjunctivitis in a child. An 11-year-old child was referred to our out-patient clinic with a 1-week history of watery, non-bloody, mucoid discharge from both eyes, associated with nasal congestion. There was no previous diagnosis of gastroenteritis. History, physical examination, and routine blood investigations were normal, and a diagnosis of conjunctivitis was made. Viral conjunctivitis was subsequently confirmed by demonstrating a positive immunoglobulin M test result. Oral rehydration was prescribed and nasopharyngeal specimens taken, both initially and for follow up two weeks later. The child continued to have mucoid discharge from the eyes and was admitted to hospital for a further week. Oral rehydration and antibiotic treatment led to resolution of the symptoms. Rotavirus immunoglobulin M was still positive at three weeks of follow-up. We describe a child with clinical and laboratory findings suggestive of acute rotavirus infection, but with only conjunctivitis as the primary symptom. We suggest that acute rotavirus infection should be considered in the differential diagnosis of gastroenteritis with conjunctivitis in children.Fei Lee has played for top Australian sides for the past 5 years, but his next stop in his sport seems to be far from home.

It’s been two years since Australian rugby league star and Friday Night Lights actor, Jarrod Mullen, retired from the NRL. Less than a year later, on February 14, Mullen announced he was planning to return to the NRL. Considering the nature of his decision, he hasn’t made much of an impact on the sport.


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