Danger Doom, The Mouse And The Mask Full Album Zip ((FULL)) 🔼


Danger Doom, The Mouse And The Mask Full Album Zip

its the standout track of the album. on i heard a mouse a mouse, dooms voice is sampled from the fantastic four in the opening sequence where the human torch is blasting his powers, giving the song a brisk energy that is punctuated by a constant flow of samples, the best being the multiple athf loops. dooms flow is almost like a perfect complement to the sample, being as eccentric as the lines it belongs to.

the second track, the poet is a brief and somewhat difficult-to-categorize piece that sits somewhere between a childrens song and a kung-fu movie. though the sample is clearly based off of those, it does seem to take a few breaks from the original, one of which is an opera sample thrown into the middle. its hard to place the song, but its an intriguing listen, and the last song on the album, the mask does an excellent job of tying together the two halves of the album.

the mouse and the mask was danger mouse’s most successful collaborative project to date, peaking at #64 on the billboard top 200 albums chart and selling over 25,000 copies. the album was nominated for a grammy for best rap album, losing to kanye west’s graduation, though danger mouse was nominated for best rap album producer. the mouse and the mask was also nominated for a dove award for rap/hip hop album of the year, but lost to kanye west’s late registration.

i would easily consider myself a fan of both these men. the mouse is a master of his craft, a jack-of-all-trades capable of handling all kinds of sounds. he’s a writer, a producer, a lyricist, and a musician. doom is incredibly skilled with a mic. he’s one of the most talented rappers of all time. he has a quick, acrobatic flow. in my eyes, the mouse and doom are basically the mobb deep of hip-hop, if mobb deep was a duo. and honestly, those two would have made a great album together. any fan of hip-hop knows that doom and the mouse could have had an epic, classic album if they had made it a long term affair.

one of the best things about danger mouse is that he gets inspiration from the weirdest, obscure things. on the mouse and the mask, he sampled old tv shows to create a concept album for doom. i never would have thought to dig up tv shows and make a concept album, and i can’t think of anything more outlandish. it was such a bold, creative and clever move. it’s no wonder that danger mouse and black thought are two of the best hip-hop producers of all time. the mouse is the one that gets me excited and psyched for hip-hop. i mean, he listens to the weirdest shit and he does something interesting with it. i love it.
black thought and doom were both born in the late 1970s, and their careers began in the early to mid-80s. black thought was born in los angeles and graduated from ucla before moving to new york city in 1986, where he would join the roots. in 1990, he formed a group called funkadelic, which went on to sell millions of records and be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. in 1995, however, black thought left funkadelic, citing creative differences. in 1997, he released god lives through this with his group home labelmates killer mike and el-p, as well as quannum projects. in 1999, danger mouse released a solo album called reincarnated under his 2b1m alias. doom released his 1994 debut fear of a black planet under his doom moniker, and it began a long career of selling millions of records and being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.
in 2002, the two met when danger mouse consulted with doom on a new version of dooms i seen dro in which he replaced his voice with a sample of black thought. the track, which was released on dooms 2002 album the return of the karmageddon ep, eventually ended up in a mixtape called cheat codes, which is considered dooms most important project. in 2003, doom and black thought would collaborate on the track the people that juke happen to live in ghettos, which appeared on the latter half of the return of the karmageddon ep. in 2005, they released their first collaborative album i see demons, and since then, the pair have been working together regularly, with the most recent release being the mouse and the mask in 2011.


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