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Although modern computers are fitted with powerful hardware components, working with text is still a common daily activity. As such, you can end up with large text files which can be difficult to filter. In this regard, Chopping List makes it possible to cut a large text file into multiple others according to a delimiter.
Provide the destination and delimiter
One of the first things you notice is that the application is not packed inside an installer, so you can check out the set of features from the moment download is done. This also means you can have it stored and used directly from a thumb drive, without putting the target computer at risk because registry entries remain intact.
In terms of visual design, the application relies on a classic window frame to display its features. As such, you have little to no trouble figuring out how things work. There are a couple of fields which need to be filled with the destination of the new files and the delimiter used to split the files. You can also specify the number of places to pad filenames with zeros.
Include the delimiter in the text file first
Note that the application only works with plain TXT files, and some editing of the original file is required before splitting is possible. In other words, the application reads the content of the file and looks for particular delimiters you define, which are basically represented by a text string of interest. Be sure it’s not used in the original text.
As such, you need to first modify the original TXT file and include delimiters wherever you want the split to be performed. Then you simply need to drop the file over the application window, and splitting is done in the blink of an eye. The new files are delivered to the specified location.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Chopping Lists is a straightforward application with which you can split large text files into multiple parts. Sure enough you need to edit the file first, but this ensure you split the file exactly in the parts of interest.







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Splitting a large text file into multiple parts using a delimiter.
Chopping List is provided free of charge and is 100% legal.
Chopping List Requirement:
There are no requirements to use Chopping List and it can be used free of charge.From RationalWiki

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Allows you to use custom macro commands.
KeyCommand Description:
Allows you to set your custom key combination.
KeyPress Description:
Allows you to use custom keypress codes.
KeyReord Description:
Allows you to use custom recorders for mouse and/or keyboard events.
KeyRelease Description:
Allows you to set custom key release codes.

Can also be used as a autoclicker. Some applications support being dragged to trigger an autoclicker.

Mouse button states can be saved.

Mapping saved settings is optional.

You can use standard hotkeys as trigger for custom commands

You can run macros directly

You can specify starting and ending positions for macros

You can use single/double-click to trigger a macro

You can specify start/end positions in pixels for macros

Macro commands can be fully optional

Mapping of mouse buttons can be fully optional

The mouse buttons can be specified using a single/double/triple click, and single/double clicks can also specify a starting and ending position

You can specify if you want the current window to be the default context for the macros

Macro recording is optional

You can specify start and end positions for the recording

You can specify the mouse buttons you wish to be recorded

There are several built in macros that you can use

The dialog is modal by default

Macro position can be saved to a file

The dialog supports images

You can specify the hotkey, clicking and double clicking behavior

You can specify a default/unspecified menu position

You can specify a default menu behavior

You can specify a default text behavior

You can specify a default status bar behavior

You can specify a default help menu behavior

KeyRemapping Description:
Allows you to remap a key to another key or a macro.

Key code:
Allows you to specify the keycode for the key. You can also use special characters, such as AltGr+Ctrl+Option, or the symbols: “-” (minus sign), “&” (ampersand), and “%” (percent sign).

Allows you to specify the action (key, button, special keycodes, etc.) on the current key or hotkey after the function is executed. You can also specify a value to display in the status bar.


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This is a modern text editor for the Unix line oriented. It has a handy icon which arranges file in a grouped folder and, in the file list, you can even move the file and switch between grouped folders. It was created by Simon Wicks ( –

Devices are the core of a data center and is quite difficult to set them up. Thus, the use of Spiceworks requires this device to be configured through the web interface.
In this case, it is not possible to get the details of the settings through the third-party network management tools. You have to connect to the Internet and access the resource directly.
In this regard, our new device management tool for Spiceworks lets you configure your devices simply by dragging them on the map of the Spiceworks network. This tool will download the relevant settings for you, making it easy to configure your devices.
An overview of the map screen
In case you have a Windows device, there is a good chance that the screen to get your device details is not the most suitable for you. In this regard, we make it easy to access directly to this screen from the main menu of your device management tool.
The map screen
By selecting an item, you can easily access to the menu of your device. Through this menu, you can view the status of your device and change the password. In addition, we have added the option to update your network settings directly from the menu.
In conclusion
This new device management tool for Spiceworks is quite simple to use and much faster than the current process. As such, it makes it easier to configure your devices and all its settings.

Network cables are a key part of any data center. Thus, it is important to keep them in good condition. You can use this device management tool to change the information in the network cable’s main settings page directly from your computer.
In this regard, we have added new information in the main settings page of your network cable. This page is very easy to use and quite intuitive.
The main settings page
Through the new device management tool for Spiceworks, you can quickly modify the length of your cable and easily see the information of your network cable directly from your computer.
In conclusion
As you can see, this new device management tool for Spiceworks makes it possible to modify the relevant data of your network

What’s New in the?

The app allows you to use the clipboard to save and retrieve contact information and their telephone numbers from the site. It also allows you to record the user’s device signature and helps you to retain the text messages and chat history.
The app can monitor the user’s activity in real-time and perform multiple tasks at once:
1. It can monitor the text messages, phone calls, and calls in other apps.
2. It can delete the text messages and send an event notification to your mail.
3. It can support all the features of your own cell phone, and function as a proxy server to record and delete all incoming or outgoing text messages and phone calls.
This allows you to record and delete incoming and outgoing calls from your phone.
This app can also enable you to listen to any music playing on your phone.
4. It can record all music and videos you play and synchronize your music library.
5. It can automatically send your call history to your PC, so that you can easily review your call history.
6. It can also allow you to record your voice, and can be used to convert voice notes into text notes.
7. It allows you to keep text messages and personal information on your computer, which is very convenient when you want to share this information with others.
1.It monitors phone calls and text messages,
2.Tracks phone calls and incoming and outgoing text messages,
3.Record audio from phone’s microphone,
4.Receive and send short text messages,
5.Make phone calls,
6.Control all phone calls,
7.Delete SMS messages,
8.Delete call history,
9.Share contacts and SMS,
10.View and retrieve contact information,
11.View and save the contacts,
12.View and print your contact list,
13.View and save your text messages,
14.View and save your chat history,
15.View and save incoming and outgoing calls,
16.View and edit your call log,
17.View and edit your text messages,
18.Retrieve information about the device owner,
19.Send text message,
21.Send email,
22.Call contacts,
23.Send email,
24.Manage chat history,
25.View music,
26.View videos,
27.View wallpapers,
28.Send notes,
29.Send voice notes,
30.Download photos,
31.View contacts in the main view,
32.Send a text message,
33.View calendar,
34.View notes and text messages,
35.Delete all SMS,
36.Edit notes and text messages,
37.Search contacts,
38.View calendar,
39.Change/reset your theme,
40.Find your device information,

System Requirements For Chopping List:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (64-bit only)
Processor: Dual core processor and 2GB RAM
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 5850 or better, 1GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 3GB of free space on the main hard drive
Minimum:OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (64-bit only)Processor: Dual

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