Chayanne Discografia Discography By EVIL DARK LXS WORK

Chayanne Discografia Discography By EVIL DARK LXS WORK

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Chayanne Discografia Discography By EVIL DARK LXS

the more a person uses an application in any form, the more accustomed he or she becomes with it. all the way from search to likes, the app slowly learns more about the user, and becomes more personal. it happens with messenger, twitter, facebook, whatsapp, instagram, and probably other apps you know.

chayanne got a hold of me again and asked, “hey, do you think users would see a unique feature on the notification center, that is personal to them in each device? let’s call it a virtual id. it would be like the fifa world cup id. that id would allow the user to control and customize his or her notifications.”

he liked it. “yes, it could work. but it’s hard to find out a way to separate users on different devices. my whole plan is to try all the different apps and get to a compromise that works for everyone in the long run. we really want to make the use of the notification center as customized as possible, without going overboard.”

nevertheless, chayanne already has his plan for the different people in the same room. for example, if you are a fan, you could turn on audio notifications for all of your devices. likewise, if you are in the dark, you can turn on the notification for non-essential devices. if someone else is close by, you can turn off the notifications.

the record labels were sure that the latin market would buy many copies of his first album. they were wrong. chayanne stole the latin market, not because he was “selling out” or “bragging” about himself, not for his looks or hair style, but for his music. he became the latin sensibility, the latin guy. every latin was chayanne.

the song was played during the telenovela, but was never released on any studio album. however, the song has been included on several tribute albums by fans. it is the best known song by chayanne, and is still a very popular tune among his fans.
chayanne’s music is often described as melodic, smooth, simple, romantic, musical, sexy, catchy, and easy to understand. his voice has the typical latin sound, yet it is not smooth, sexy, or annoying. at the same time, chayanne’s voice is deep and possesses a certain timbre. when he sings, it is like that of a grandfather telling his favorite story.
chayanne’s recording career began in 1983 when he was the lead singer for ricky martin’s band, which was managed by his wife, monica. they released three albums, el privilegio de amar, un lugar sin límites, and contrato de amor. after the first album, chayanne recorded a solo album in 1989 with the same name.
in 1992, chayanne left the ricky martin band and recorded mi tierra, the best selling album of all time, which was produced by emilio estefan. the album sold over 35 million copies worldwide, it won a grammy award, and the song corazón que atraviesa became a hit.
when my teenage daughter was about to break up with her boyfriend of six years, he called to ask if i’d take her to a chayanne concert. i told him i was a big fan, but would have to check with my wife. i passed the message on to her, and she said, “no, i love chayanne. i love him even more since my daddy is a fan.”

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