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– Teminal: ¿Quía es ¿ ¿El_Armor ¿ ¿Tu_ArtCAM ¿ ¿ArtCAM ¿ ¿Tu_Drivers ¿ ¿Drivers ¿ ¿The development of the retina is a precisely regulated process with great significance for visual perception. Many neural and signaling pathways are known to act together in vertebrate retina to establish and maintain the correct retinal position and development of the underlying neural circuitry. However, little is known about how these signals interact to control the growth, differentiation, and survival of the retinal neurons. The Drosophila eye provides a powerful model for studying these issues. In the fly, visual information is processed by four different photoreceptors: rods, cones, R7 and R8, all of which are highly specialized cells in the outermost layer of the retina. The phototransduction cascade in these cells has been studied extensively, and genetic approaches have uncovered many new aspects of the cascade. However, our understanding of how the cell bodies of the photoreceptors are correctly positioned and differentiated in the outermost layer of the eye remains rudimentary. In this proposal we plan to test the hypothesis that the polarity of the photoreceptors is established through the cooperation of several extracellular signals such as growth factors and hormones with each other, and also with intracellular and intercellular signaling pathways. We also will determine the mode of action of the known Hh signaling pathway on the position and the polarity of the retina through genetic manipulations in the different cell types. Together, these experiments will provide new insights into the normal mechanism of retinal position and polarity establishment during development.One of the first patients treated at the new Trauma and Orthopaedics Centre has received a plastic hip replacement.

The man, who has not been named, is thought to be the first patient in Britain to receive a plastic, ultra-lightweight hip implant made in Leeds by medical specialist Maccabi Healthcare Services.

The new implant offers patients a better option than metal on metal implants, which have been around for about a decade.

But while they have improved over the years and are not associated with adverse effects like metal on metal, they are more expensive.

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