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the code that is here is working. but it is a little bit too advanced. we need a simpler way to implement this. for some reason, we find more simpler our way is where we need to use targeted exception handling.

in fact, the only thing that we are going to do here is to call shellcode, to take advantage of some source code control. before everything, we just saw some unknown source code, and we are interested in its assembly.

 if winver=x64 then start: if $debuggee isnot "" then nsexec::run "$debuggee" else exit endif else start: if $debuggee isnot "" then nsexec::run "$debuggee" else exit endif endif 

this is working, if we run the original target. but we have a problem when we want to try to unpack the exe! first, we need to be sure that the exe is working fine, for we do not want the binary to be blocked and the shellcode to not execute.

we have two interesting ways to bypass this. the first is to use a volume shadow copy to modify the exe before executing it. second, we can use the usless toolkit. to bypass this, we just have to call usless’s main to bypass the debugger. for some reason, the exe is updated by calling main in the application directory. this is not surprising since the target is in a directory owned by root. so we do not have the rights to modify it and we would have the rights to be able to modify it if we were root.

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