Adobeindesigncs6freeserialnumberlist [2021]

Adobeindesigncs6freeserialnumberlist [2021]



 #include  int adobeindexescs6freeserialnumberlist( adobeindexescs6freeserialnumberlist * plist, flashpdf_getuservalue css_prop, const char* id, int list_number) 
[in, out]

address of a variable that will receive a copy of the list.

 function listfonts() { adobecs6fslistnumbers(); } 
parameters required

this function returns a list of font names of all the fonts included in the adobe indesign cs6 package.

 // get the document information var doc = acrobat.getdocument(@"d:\_adobeindesigncs6test\test.pdf"); //get font list var fontlist = doc.textlist().fontlist; //get font number by font name var fontnumber = getadobecs6fslistfontnumbers(fontlist, "dejavu serif", @"d:\_adobeindesigncs6test"); //display string textarea1.text = fontnumber; 

credit to stela targa

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